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MS/HS Extracurricular Activities

Athletic Activities (coaches’ names are in parentheses): 
Baseball - Modified (), J.V. (Mitch Pritchard), Varsity (Dan Burke)
Boys’ Basketball – Modified (Mark Thomas), J.V. (Josh Nelson), Varsity (Wil Prince) 
Boys’ Soccer - Modified (), J.V. (Zach Ritz), Varsity (Josh Carpenter)
Cheerleading - Fall (Penny Cole/Heather Kelley), Winter Asst. (Kelly Bates), Varsity Winter (Penny Cole/Heather Kelley), JV Winter (Melanie Richards) 
Cross Country - Modified (Mark Thomas), Varsity (Dan Goodwin)
Football - J.V. Asst. (Jason Kinem), J.V. (Lucas Silvis), Varsity Asst. (Nick D'Amuro), Varsity (Wil Prince)
Girls’ Basketball – Modified (Mark Thomas), J.V. (Jason Kinem), Varsity (Sal DeLuca)  
Girls’ Soccer  - Modified (Whitney Markwica), J.V. (Amy Ostrom), Varsity (Renee Wolf/Emily Harms)
Golf - (Zach Busch)
Ski Club - (Mark Thomas/Amy Ostrom)
Softball - Modified (), J.V. (Whitney Markwica), Varsity (Amy Ostrom/Mark Thomas)
Tennis - Modified (Jeff Cumpston), Varsity (Andrew Grillo)
Timekeepers - Volleyball (Jason Maihofer), Football (Andrew Grillo/Samantha Zelent), Wrestling (Dan Goodwin), Girls Shot Clock (Michelle Williamson), Girls Basketball (Russ Albright), Boys Shot Clock (Michelle Williamson), Boys Basketball (Russ Albright)
Track - Asst. Modified (), Modified (Dan Goodwin), Asst. Var. (Zach Ritz), Varsity (Art Goldstein)
Unified Basketball - (Matt Hennard)
Volleyball - Modified (), J.V. (Andrew Grillo), Varsity (Kate Connor)
Wrestling - Modified (Dan Goodwin), J.V. (Lucas Silvis), Varsity (Michael Silvis) 

Modified sports are a precursor to the JV and Varsity programs for students at the 7th and 8th grade levels. The programs generally run concurrently with the JV or Varsity seasons. The practices are usually from 3:15 to 5 p.m. Game times vary.
Extracurricular Activities (advisors’ names are in parentheses): 

Academic SH Supervisor (MS/HS) - (Sandy Smith)
Academic Challenge Bowl - (Lisa Tubinis)
Art Club - (Evinn Neadow) 
Class Advisors - Senior (Suzanne Lepkowski), Junior (Melanie Richards), Sophomore (Jim Di Sessa), Freshman (Sandy Smith/Colleen Milner)
GSA - (Lisa Osur) 
Interact Club - (Samantha Zelent/Evinn Neadow)
JV Masterminds - ()
Marching Band - (Zach Busch/Brandon McArdell/Emily Kwiatkowski)
Masterminds - (Dan Goodwin)
Musical Director - (Dan Burke)
Multicultural Club - ()
National Honor Society - (Russ Albright)
National Junior Honor Society - (Whitney Lagas)
Spanish Club - (Tammy Menzie/Kathy Monks)
Student Council - 7-8 (Kellie Burke), 9-12 (Jim Di Sessa)
Technology Club - (Dylan Sharpe)
Yearbook - 7-8 (Kathy Monks), 9-12 (Kristen Pelkey/Stacey Braley)

Academic Challenge Bowl
This is a middle school club who will compete against other schools in answering knowledge-based questions in a Jeopardy-styled format. Teams compete locally and can advance into playoffs and qualify for state and national tournaments. (Lisa Tubinis)
Art Club
Art Club meets the last Friday of every month in Art Room 304. We create artwork, make decorations for various school events, organize art fundraisers, plan the annual art fieldtrip and assist with the end of year Art Show. (Evinn Neadow)

The GSA Club is a student organization providing a supportive environment for LGBTQ youth and their allies whose mission is to work towards a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity through education, support, social action and advocacy. (Lisa Osur)
High School Student Council
Students help with homecoming, pep rallies, fundraisers, school store, school decisions, an more. (Jim Di Sessa)

High School Yearbook
Students work with the advisors to actually design the High School yearbook for the school year. Students typically stay after school periodically to work on it. There also may be some evening or weekend meetings in completing the yearbook. (Kristen Pelkey/Stacey Braley)

Interact Club
The Interact Club is for students interested in volunteering their service to their community and school. In the past, club members purchased and packaged school supplies for students in need, volunteered at the Open Door Mission in Rochester, organized a cleanup of the canal park in the village, helped the local Rotary Club with fundraising projects, purchased and wrapped Christmas gifts for local families in need, mentored younger students, and collected hundreds of gently used shoes for shipment to those in need overseas. (Samantha Zelent/Evinn Neadow)

JV & Varsity Masterminds/Chess Club
This is a Jeopardy-style program with students practicing and competing with students from other schools. Chess club is a large component of the JV program. (JV - /Varsity - Dan Goodwin) 
Marching Band
High school students participate in parades, community events, competitions, and more. (Zach Busch/Brandon McArdell/Emily Kwiatkowski)

Middle School Student Council
This is the student government for the middle school. Each grade has representatives that meet regularly to plan activities and events. The Middle School generally sponsors some dances, contributes to charities, and is involved in Middle School spirit activities. (Kellie Burke) 
Middle School Yearbook
Students work with the advisors to actually design the Middle School yearbook for the school year. Students typically stay after school periodically to work on it. There also may be some evening or weekend meetings in completing the yearbook. (Kathy Monks) 
Multicultural Club
This club will learn about other cultures and work on projects to celebrate diversity, unity and global-mindedness. The club promotes tolerance and the value of diversity. You do not have to be from another country to join. Open to all grade levels. ()

The musical is for students in grades 7–12. Join the cast, crew or stage design. Students need to try-out for a part in the musical. Try-outs take place in November; practices begin at the end of January and run through the musical performance in March. Practices generally run from 2:30 to 3:05 p.m. or from 3:15 until around 5 p.m. One day of weekend practice generally occurs in February and March. (Dan Burke) 
National Honor Society
High school students in NHS build character, citizenship, service, scholarship and leadership.  This is a community service based group that engages in several local activities. For more information on how to qualify for National Honor Society, visit the NHS page. (Russ Albright)

National Junior Honor Society
Students in the NJHS have met criteria for induction in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service and character. These students generally do service projects in the school and community throughout the year. (Whitney Lagas) 
Spanish Club 
This is a very popular club. Students meet about once a month with the advisor to plan and participate in activities, such as the Halloween hayride, Holiday Fiesta, Cinco de Mayo celebration, dances, etc. (Tammy Menzie/Kathy Monks)

Technology Club
This club will design and build devices for entering various technology competitions. (Dylan Sharpe) 
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