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District Notice: Milk Carton Shortage
Dear Holley families,

The Holley Central School District was recently notified by its food service provider, Personal Touch, that Upstate Farms is experiencing a shortage of the half pint paper cartons used for its milk. In a letter, Upstate Farms says there is a nationwide shortage of paper cartons affecting all milk vendors. This shortage is expected to affect all its customers as early as Oct. 30. Holley does not expect to be affected until the following week.

Holley's food service provider is working closely with Upstate Farms to find the best solution to meet our district's needs. The following steps to prepare for the milk shortage will be put into place when the vendor is no longer able to supply the cartons of milk:
  • Instead of milk being available in small cartons, milk will instead be individually poured from half gallons for students. 1% white milk will be the only available option at this time but is subject to change as we adjust.
  • 4-ounce servings of milk will be available with breakfast. 9-ounce servings will be available with lunch.
  • A bulk order of 9-ounce cups and lids is expected to be delivered on Monday, Nov. 6. 4-ounce cups are currently available in our cafeterias if needed sooner than Nov. 6.
Our Food Service team remains dedicated to providing healthy and complete meals for our students despite supply chain issues. We thank you for your understanding and patience during this time.

Upstate Farms expects to see an improvement in supply by early 2024. The New York State Education Department shared that districts experiencing milk supply shortages can serve meals during an emergency period with an alternate drink. We will notify you if this shift is required as supply chain challenges develop.  

The district will keep this webpage updated on this situation as it continues. Please contact Food Service Director Vickie Scroger with any questions, 638-6318, ext. 2566.

Thank you,
Holley Central School District
Personal Touch Food Services