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Art 8 Course Description

Grade: 8
Length: Full year/Every other day 

A focus on Art making through the study of the Art Elements and Principles of Design, Art styles, Art history, Artists, and Art techniques.

When Holley students enter the Art room they begin working right away.  Art “Do Nows” often challenge students to sketch from observation, analyze imagery, or define Art vocabulary.  Class time is divided between teacher demonstrations and independent/guided work time.  Art class introduces students to a range of tools, materials, techniques, and ideas.  Emphasis is placed on process and craftsmanship through skill development, observation, experimentation, and critique.  Discussion of historical and cultural Art will broaden students’ understanding of the Artistic process, fuel ideas, and empower them in seeing and interpreting the world around them.  

Each Art Unit is based on one or more of the Art Elements and Principles of Design.  Students are given a packet for each Unit that will stay in their Art folder for the entire school year.  These packets have definitions of Art terms and vocabulary, project descriptions and practice space.

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