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Castle Learning

Castle Learning

For information on the benefits of Castle Learning for both parents and students, click the links at right.
Have you accessed your Castle Learning Account? If not the following information will help you learn how.
Usernames were created using the following:
  • Holley – first three letters of first name followed by first six letters of the last name. (For example, Karen Campbell would be: holley-karcampbe)
  • All apostrophes, spaces, periods and diminutives such as Jr. were omitted

Passwords are not preset on any of these student accounts:

  • Students will be prompted to set a password the first time that they sign into Castle Learning Online.
  • Go to and where it says "Sign into Castle Learning Online," type in the ID created by following the above instruction. 
  • Skip the password field.
  • Click the sign-in button and follow the steps to choose a password.

The Castle Learning Online Newsletter is available by clicking the file at right.

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