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A sport physical is required each year. A health review, done by the school nurse, is required within 30 days of the start of each sports season. Dr. Goetz, our school physician, is at the MS/HS on specific dates throughout the year to conduct sports physicals before each sports season. Anyone registering to play a sport will need to be seen if they do not have a current physical on file; this is a NYS requirement. Please call the Main Office to be placed on the list to be seen by Dr. Goetz, if needed. Students cannot start a sport season without having a current physical completed.
Regulations of the Commissioner of Education state that prior to athletic participation students must receive a physical examination. The approval of the school physician must be accepted over the opinion of the family physician.
  • All athletes must have a physical within 12 months prior to the first practice and must also be current with immunizations. This physical should be done by your own physician. Forms are available at the High School Health Office.
  • Only one physical is required per year.
  • All student athletes who require a sports physical and are unable to meet the physical requirements by their own physician must sign up for a school physical in the health office.
  • It is especially important to emphasize that those athletes with a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, fainting or dizziness with exertion, diabetes, asthma, and orthopedic problems, or a family history of sudden unexplained death or heart attack before age 55, must have a medical clearance from their personal physician or specialist. 
  • A health history, done by the school nurse, must be completed for each athlete not more than 30 days prior to the first practice of the season.
  • Tetanus immunizations need to have been administered within the past 10 years. Please check your child’s immunization records and provide the date on sports triplicate forms before turning them in.
  • All sports triplicate information needs to be completed.  If there are any “yes” check marks on the triplicate forms, please provide an explanation or a written statement from a health care provider.

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