Release of Student Information

Student Records
Student records, with the exception of directory information, are not open to the general public without written consent, although they may be made available to various persons, institutions or agencies, for specific reasons in accordance with Board of Education policy, related to the student or the school system.
Parents, or students 18 years or older, can inspect and review their children's records. If parents, or students 18 or over, believe that any record is wrong or misleading or violates the student's rights, they may ask the district to amend the record and may have a hearing held to present evidence about the record if they wish.
Release of Directory Information
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) limit access to certain student documents. As part of FERPA, certain information called "directory information" is not considered confidential and may be released to outside agencies under the Freedom of Information Act. The district uses directory information for publications such as newsletters and brochures, in articles in local papers, and on the district's web site. A student's name, address, and telephone number are considered directory information and may be released to colleges, military recruiters, and the news media.
Parents and students, age 18 or older, have the right to tell the district that any or all of their directory information should not be released without prior consent. If you wish to exercise that right, please notify the district in writing, telling us what information you do not want released.
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