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Holley Central School District

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Holley Board of Education recognizes it has a responsibility to students to provide for their academic opportunity and well-being, and to also provide for their needs to successfully interact in the world. The purpose of this Code is to promote responsible behavior that creates an orderly and safe environment. Because it is not possible for a written Code of Conduct to address all disciplinary situations that might arise, the Board expects that the Code will be supplemented and/or clarified by administrators at the building level. The Board will enforce the Code of Conduct. We expect our students to show:
  • RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR - Use of self control in their actions 
  • MUTUAL RESPECT - Treat themselves and others with care and consideration 
  • CONCERN FOR OTHERS - Be truthful, honest, and fair in their dealings with others 
  • COOPERATION WITH OTHERS - Listen and work together 
  • PERSONAL EXCELLENCE - Put forth the best effort in whatever is attempted
For the Code of Conduct in its entirety, please click on the file at right. 

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