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Holley's 28 school bus drivers transport over 950 students more than 2,200 miles a day. Safety is always our first priority. To help ensure a safe ride every time your child boards a Holley school bus, please review with him or her the safety guidelines that can be found by clicking on the file to the right. In addition, you will find our procedures for transporting students to/from a location other than home. The necessary form for requesting transportation changes is located at right for your convenience. 
For more information, please contact the Transportation department at 638-6316. 
Please remember, students who drive to school must register all vehicles in the high school office. Driving to school and parking in the school lot are privileges which can be revoked. 
Also remember that any changes in your child's bus transportation must be requested by using a transportation request form. Transportation cannot be changed on a daily basis. 

Please call the bus garage if your child will be absent or not riding the bus. This is especially helpful for individual bus stops as it prevents buses from being unnecessarily delayed.
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