Medicaid Compliance Program

The Holley Central School District has adopted the Medicaid Billing Compliance Program, Medicaid Compliance Program Policy, and Medicaid Code of Ethics, in accordance with federal and New York State laws and regulations to prevent, detect, and report incidents of Medicaid non-compliance, fraud and abuse. These documents may be found at the links at right. 
All employees, non-employees and contractors involved in the provision of, or claiming federal Medicaid financial compensation or reimbursement for, school and preschool supportive health services are required to read and comply with the program and policy, and the governing federal and state statutes and regulations.
The Holley Central School District requires its employees to be aware of the district’s Medicaid Compliance Program. This awareness includes the responsibility to report suspected Medicaid compliance issues to the Medicaid Compliance Officer. 
If you suspect Medicaid fraud, or lack of compliance with the district’s Medicaid Compliance Policy and Program, as an employee of the district, you are obligated to report those issues. The district provides several options for such confidential reporting: Failure to comply with any of the above legal requirements may result in disciplinary action. 
The district has designated the Elementary Assistant Principal Tim Artessa as the Medicaid Compliance Officer. You may contact him by: 
Phone: (585) 638-6316, ext. 2500
Email: [email protected]
Mail: Medicaid Compliance Officer, Holley Central School District, 3800 North Main St., Holley, NY 14470
All information will be strictly confidential. You need not state your name. If you wish, however, you can provide the contact information.
The Medicaid Compliance Officer will investigate each issue reported to the district. The result of all investigations will be reported to the Board of Education, and if appropriate, the office of the Medicaid Inspector General. 
For more information on Medicaid in Education, click the link at right for NYSED (New York State Education Department). 

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