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Physical Education

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Welcome to Physical Education at Holley Central School District!
Mission Statement: 
The mission of physical education is to enable all students to sustain and pursue regular, lifelong, physical activity as a foundation for healthy, productive and fulfilling lives.
We believe that physical education:
  • is an integral part of the entire educational process (teaching the whole child) 
  • is the development and understanding of movement principles 
  • develops a variety of movement/motor skills through a sequential educational program 
  • sets the foundation for pursuit and development of physical fitness into a lifelong process 
  • enhances cognitive skills such as problem solving, decision making and creative thinking 
  • provides a foundation for lifetime skills (ex. teamwork, cooperation, communication) 
  • encourages social interaction and provides an environment where students learn to accept individual differences
  • instills self-esteem 
  • promotes integration between our school and it’s community resources 
  • provides a learning atmosphere that fosters the awareness and knowledge of how to participate in a safe environment
Physical Education Staff: 
  • Lori Passarell (K-6): Email     
  • Sharon Gross (K-6): Email
  • Will Prince (K-6): Email
  • Stephany McBride (Grades 7-12): Email
  • Andrew Grillo (Grades 7-12): Email

Physical Education Downloads

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