Capital Project Vote
Capital Project Vote is 12/13/22 - visit Capital Project ( pages for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the total cost of the project?
The total cost will not exceed $18,100,000, including all construction and incidental/financing costs.

What is the annual cost to district taxpayers?
Utilization of New York State Building Aid (estimated at 92.3%) and the 2022 Capital Reserve Fund ($4,000,000) will allow the project to be completed with no tax impact.

Isn’t State Aid just my tax dollars, too?
Yes, it is. The NYS Legislature has given all districts in the state an opportunity to use tax dollars to enhance their communities through school building improvements and renovations. This is an opportunity to keep some of those tax dollars in our own community, working to improve the educational setting for our children and the public.

What needs does the project address?
The proposed project focuses on three key areas: 1) health, safety and security; 2) academic programming enhancements; and 3) asset preservation.

Why do a project now?
Performing work now will protect your investment and prevent further deterioration of the district’s school buildings. The timing is also fiscally responsible due to high state building aid ratios, available capital reserve funding and low interest rates.

When will the work take place?
If approved by voters, work is anticipated to be completed in 2025.

When was the last capital project vote that included work for school buildings?
The last capital project vote was December 9, 2014.

Where can I find additional information?
Visit Capital Project ( or call the Superintendent’s office at 585-638-6316.

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