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Holley Central School District

Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Student access to the Internet and other online programs is provided in media centers, computer labs, and classrooms throughout the Holley Central School District. This access offers boundless, diverse, and unique resources to all students and school personnel to promote excellence in our schools.
One of our district goals is to educate students about their responsible use of the Internet and online programs. The District’s AUP ensures that students, parents, and district personnel are aware of the rules regarding the use of these resources. Your child must have a completed AUP on file to use the Internet. Students are expected to use all technology resources in a manner consistent with this document and are held responsible for their use. To access the AUP form, click the file at right under the Downloads heading.
While the district uses filtering software and careful supervision to restrict and monitor student use of the Internet, no system is perfect. Together we can educate our young people regarding the responsible use of this invaluable resource.

Acceptable Use Policy Downloads

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