Changes from Normal Bus Transportation Procedures

New York State Education Law obligates the District to transport students to and from their residence in accordance to the district boundaries. The District has no other obligation in this regard.
However, we understand that the child care provider’s residence becomes the school bus stop for many students. The District will honor requests for transportation to/from a point within the District other than the family residence on an ANNUAL basis. Requests for any permanent changes must be submitted to the appropriate school office one week prior to the change. 
  • Parents desiring to have their child ride a bus other than their own, have their child picked up or dropped off at a location other than the normal location must submit a written request in advance.
  • All requests for changes must be for a specific time period. 
  • Non-resident students will not be permitted to ride HCSD buses. 
  • Students riding the bus to extra-curricular events must ride the bus back from them. Groups representing the school shall ride school transportation both ways. Exceptions must be in writing and given to the coach or advisor. 
  • Grade 9-12 students are not permitted to ride on the AM second bus run without calling the transportation supervisor (638-6297) for permission. 
  • Grade 9-12 students who ride the PM second bus run must have a late bus pass signed by a teacher, staff member, or coach. The office will not issue late bus passes. 
  • Students who drive to school must register all vehicles in the High School office. Driving to school and parking in the school lot are privileges which can be revoked. 
Any deviation from the above should be directed to the transportation office at 638-6316. 
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