School Bus Safety Guidelines

  • Walk safely to your bus stop 
  • Be on time - five minutes before scheduled pick-up time 
  • Wait quietly away from the road 
  • Don’t  move toward the bus until the driver signals
  • Use the handrail 
  • Do not bring large, sharp, or breakable items on the bus 
  • Don’t carry awkward loads - use a backpack or book bag to keep stuff together 
  • Sit down immediately, stay seated
  • Don’t distract the driver 
  • Keep body inside the bus 
  • Don’t bother other students 
  • Know how to evacuate the bus
  • Check before you step 
  • Move away from the bus right away 
  • Go directly home
  • Walk 10 giant steps ahead of the bus until you can see the driver’s face 
  • Wait for the driver’s signal 
  • Cross to the outside edge of the bus and make sure all traffic is stopped 
  • If clear, cross quickly 
  • If not clear, return to the curb

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