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Holley Central School District

Extracurricular Activities

ES Extracurricular Activities

Beginner Band, Intermediate Band and Jazz Band - Students have an opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument and participate in our bands. Bands performs throughout the school year. (Wheeler)  

Chess Explorers Club: This after school program is open to 5th and 6th graders. Members will learn how to play chess, about pieces and moves, and about fun twists on chess games. It is great preparation for Middle/High School Chess Club! (Bennage)
Chorus - Students have an opportunity sing together as a choir. The chorus performs many times throughout the school year. (Heagerty)  

EarlyAct - EarlyAct is a school-wide service club for elementary students. It is sponsored by one of the local rotary clubs in the township in which the school is located. EarlyAct provides young students the opportunity for gaining an increased awareness of knowledge of their community and world. Things they have done in the past include homeless necessity bags, activity bags for Golisano Children's Hospital, Clean Sweep for Earth Day, cards for Veterans, and Christmas caroling at a nursing home. (Seaward)
Elementary Theatre Guild - A wonderful opportunity for young students to showcase their talents. Around 100 students participate each year. Students can choose to be: actors for speaking and non-speaking parts, stage crew or scenery crew. Regardless of the role they play, students work on being a team by doing their part to make sure each rehearsal and performance is a success. (Morgan/Downey) 
Hawk News Network (HNN) - Students have the opportunity to be reporters, editors, camera operators and anchors to produce a video broadcast of elementary school news. Visit the HNN page to view the videos. (Hendry/Downey)
Intramurals - Basketball intramurals sessions will include basic fundamentals, shooting and non-competitive game play to learn the basic rules and regulations of the game. Gymnastics sessions will include tumbling, creating mini routines, and work on the parallel bars, vault and balance beams. Boys Basketball 4-6 (Gross), Girls Basketball 4-6 (Gross), Gymnastics Club 5-6 (Passarell), Wrestling 2-6 ().

Like A Boss - Mrs. C's “Like A Boss” is where students will imagine their own businesses. This includes startup costs and inventory, as well as accurate money and timekeeping, marketing, and how to manage inventory and finances. Students will also learn how to make business decisions, and how to reflect on the results. All these activities will help students learn to create a business plan – for a school store and for themselves. Students will be encouraged to think like a “kid-preneur”, putting their imagination and decision making in the driver’s seat. This club will encourage students to take responsible risks and create better community members. 

Mathletes - This after school program is offered to students in grade five and six and is designed to challenge students to achieve their maximum potential, in a space that is conducive to learning. it is designed for teaching important skills like collaboration, curiosity, and teamwork. Students will be playing math games designed to challenge them to excel through mental math, speed, and critical thinking. These exercises help children to complete real world math problems and encourage them to consider STEM pathways in education or the workforce. Students will begin by learning how to solve logic problems, 24 math challenge cards, national math challenges, and additional online resources. The time of this program is from 3:30pm-5:00pm on Tuesdays. (Chevier)

Multi-Cultural Club -  After school program offered to students in grades five and six and focuses on celebrating and understanding all cultures. They meet throughout the year to participate in activities or host events that foster cultural awareness. (Tese/Palmer)
Safety Patrol - Students in grades five and six learn about patrolling techniques and ways to approach peers who are at risk of hurting themselves or others. They help to keep our sidewalks and hallways safe during arrival and dismissal. (Artessa)  
Student Council - Students in grades four through six have an opportunity to learn leadership and civic skills while working hand-in-hand with peers. Student Council is responsible for many events and fundraisers that happen throughout the school year. (Iacobucci) 
Yearbook - Students in grades five and six take an active role in helping complete the ES yearbook by taking candid and school event photos, laying them out and adding text. They also help with advertising and sales of the yearbook. (Morgan)
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