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What is Occupational Therapy?

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy
Definition: A therapeutic model that assists students in developing functional skills in daily life tasks through purposeful goal-directed activities. 

Areas of Focus:
•      Fine motor
•      Self-care skills
•      Sensory processing
•      Visual motor
•      Visual perception
•      Adaptive Equipment/Braces/Splints
•      Bilateral coordination
•      Motor planning
•      Positioning
•      Sensory-Motor skills
•      Strength/Endurance/Range of Motion
What is Occupational Therapy in a public school setting?

Occupational Therapy in the school system is a related service that focuses on helping children function to their fullest potential in their educational environment. Therapeutic intervention may be required due to physical, emotional, or cognitive impairment. The "occupation" of a student is to attend school, do their work, interact with others and play. Occupational Therapists in schools work with children to help them develop foundational skills necessary for success.
Occupational Therapy is a short-term intervention designed to provide remediation, environmental modifications, and/or compensations. The overall goal is for your child to be functional within their environment and to feel able to perform within their student roles. 

What does therapy focus on?

-Foundational motor skills-strengthening and academic readiness
-Fine motor skills-strengthening, scissors use, speed, and dexterity
-Visual motor skills-coordinating eye and hand movement
-Visual perceptual skills-making meaning of what is seen
-Sensory processing information-posture, balance, body awareness, movement skills; which includes assessment of the tactile, proprioceptive and vestibular systems.

What is our goal?

Our main goal is to work as a team to help all students gain the skills they need to function successfully in school and to retain these skills to help them in all areas of life.

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