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Holley Central School District

What is Physical Therapy?

School Based Physical Therapy

What is School Based Physical Therapy: 
School Based Physical Therapy is a related service program that provides intervention to students who demonstrate evidence of a need in the following areas that is identified as interferring with their educational experience:
  • limitation in mobility
  • decrease in range of motion of extremities
  • balance issues
  • decrease coordination
  • strength and endurance needs 

The purpose of Physical Therapy (PT) services in the school setting is to promote functional independence and must be educationally relevant. 

How are physical therapy services provided:

Services are typically provided:

  • Direct service: individually or in a small group setting
  • Indirect service: consultation with those on the educational team

The goal of a physical therapy program is for the student to achieve a level of functional independence that supports the students educational experience resulting in no further therapy service need. 


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